Difficult returns

December is a busy time for shoppers.

Some people like to buy gifts for their friends. Others like to take advantage of the many sales. But, sometimes, people buy things and regret it later. If a person doesn’t want a purchase anymore, they might try to return it.

Some returns can be difficult

Stores have special rules about returns. These are called return policies.

You could need the original receipt for the purchase. The item might need to be unopened or unused.

Many people will only return brand new items. They worry about returning an opened item. They worry that the return will be difficult.

You might need the original receipt to return an item.

Know how to ask

If you have used an item or lost its receipt, don’t give up on returning it.

Ask a store worker to help you. Explain the problem.

Say: “Is there anything you can do to help me?”

Sometimes, the store worker will make an exception for you. Or, they will call their manager. The manager could help you more.           

Be friendly and patient

It might take a few minutes for the store worker to understand your problem. If they need to find your purchase in their computer or call a manager, you could be asked to wait. Be patient. They are trying to help you.

A store worker might need to call a manager before they can help you.

If the store worker or manager can’t return the item, don’t be angry. Don’t argue. Thank them for talking to you. Remember that a store could be losing money when you return a used or opened item if they can’t resell it.


Submitted by Felisha Chuter • Photos: Sabine van Erp/Pixabay, Natsya Gepp/Pixabay