Doorknobs are changing

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun
Level 1

The City of Vancouver is changing the building code.

The new rules start in March 2014.

They are changing how we open doors.

All new door handles will be levers.

The round doorknob will disappear.

Read the PDF and do the exercise

Visit the link

  • Look at this set of photos of doorknobs. There are many different designs. (Click the “photos” tab above the photo.)

Watch the videos

Levers are easier for people with arthritis or weak hands.

Door handles are useful tools.

We use them to open and close doors.

The old doorknobs were often round.

You grab the knob and twist to open the door.

You push the new levers down to open a door.

The door handle is also art.

It is an object of beauty.

It is a design feature of a house or building.

Designer door handles come in many different shapes.