Edythe Culling shops for shoes


Edythe Culling and Marlene Cohen shop for shoes.
(Photo: Nick Procaylo / PNG)

Adapted from The Province
Level 1

Edythe Culling is shopping for shoes.

It is a special shoe sale.

The shoe sale happens every year.

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Early morning shoppers try on shoes. PHOTO – NICK PROCAYLO / PNG

Early morning shoppers try on shoes.
(Photo: Nick Procaylo / PNG)

The shoe sale started 65 years ago.

Edythe has been to all 65 sales.

Edythe is 97 years old.

The Army and Navy store holds an annual shoe sale.
The Army and Navy store is in Gastown.

They sell all kinds of shoes at the shoe sale.

“It’s exciting. It’s fun,” says Ethan Murley.

Hundreds of people come to the sale every year.

It is a big party in the store and on the street.

The sale is held every spring.

It has been cold. It has been wet.

Now, it is warm. Now, it is time to buy shoes!