Elephant’s feet crosswalks

Some communities in B.C. have special crosswalks. They are called “elephant’s feet” crosswalks.

They help keep people on bikes and pedestrians stay safe when crossing the road.

What do they look like?

Elephant’s feet crosswalks have two lines of white squares. The squares look like an elephant’s footprint.

Sometimes there is a bicycle symbol between the two lines.

What are the rules?

Riding your bike on a crosswalk is against the law in the B.C. You must get off and walk your bike across the street.

But elephant’s feet crosswalks are different. You can stay on your bike and ride on the crosswalk.

Bikers and pedestrians should stop and look both ways before using the crosswalk.

Bikers must stop for pedestrians.

Drivers must stop and let bikers and pedestrians use the road first.

Adapted from CBC News • Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Bibeyjj