ELSA students helping the homeless

In our ELSA level 3 class, we learned about the problem
of homelessness.
For a 2nd year, we are collecting clothing donations
(socks, toques, and gloves) for the homeless.
We will distribute the clothes at a shelter for the homeless
in downtown Vancouver near Christmas time.
The clothing drive helps us know more about Vancouver.
It is our way to help the community and it is important
to remember the less fortunate at this time of year.
Last year we donated two large bags of clothes to the shelter.

Four students tell their stories.

Dani Ye – ELSA 3 Granville

Our teacher, Gloria, told us that there are many homeless people
in Vancouver.  We can help them by donating clothes.
First, we took two boxes, then decorated them
and put them under a Christmas tree in the hallway.
Our classmates collected some toques, mitts, gloves,
socks and then put them in the boxes.
We cut out our footprints and put them on the ground
from the elevator to the boxes.  These footprints guide people
to the boxes, and then they can donate clothing.

Dani Ye – ELSA 3 Granville

We had an interesting and useful activity this year.
We planned to collect some gifts for homeless people.
Our plan was to first decorate a beautiful box in our class.
First, we decorated the box with Christmas paper.
We put a Christmas tree on the wall and put the decorated box
in the hallway before Thanksgiving Day.
Secondly, our classmates donated gifts for the homeless people.
These gifts included toques, mitts, gloves and thick socks.
These gifts will help the homeless people to keep warm during winter.
Thirdly, we will deliver these gifts to the homeless before Christmas.
I believe that homeless people will be very happy when
they get these gifts.  I am very happy to be a part of this activity.
This is an interesting and useful thing to do.

Marek Stankiewicz – ELSA 3 Granville

Winter is a very difficult  time for the homeless  –  coldness, rain, snow.
At Christmas time, people think about other people and want to know how we can help them if they need help.
Our class, Level 3 at SUCCESS on Granville Street, prepared
a special box where all students can put toques, mitts, gloves
and socks as donations for the homeless.
The boxes were decorated and they look very beautiful.
We decorated a Christmas tree and put this on the wall.
We put coloured footprints along the school hall – from the elevator
to the beautiful green Christmas tree and the decorated box.
All of these gifts will be delivered to the homeless in December.
We are very happy that we can help people who need help.

Sally Li – ELSA 3 Granville

Christmas will be coming.  We plan to help the homeless people
in Vancouver.  Here is what we did:
First, we collected a big box and decorated it.
Our classmates donated many items, for example, toques, mitts, gloves
and socks.  We then put them into the box.  We put a large
Christmas tree on the wall and the box was placed under the tree.
We traced out footprints, cut them out and placed them from the elevator
leading to the tree.  The footprints would guide people to the box.
We encouraged them to drop off donated clothes.  After we will
deliver the box downtown on December 15, and we will give them
to the homeless.  We will also help serve hot food at The Door is Open,
where we will hand out the gifts.  We challenge other ELSA classes
to collect and deliver clothing for the homeless.

This year ELSA level 4 class also helped.
It assembled hygiene kits to help the clothing drive.
The hygiene kits have toothbrushes, toothpaste, face cloths,
shampoo, Band Aids, combs, etc.

How to donate
We received many donations, and we invite anyone to drop off
a donation at our S.U.C.C.E.S.S. office at 8268 Granville Street.
Written by Pinky Dang, Program Manager