Farmers’ markets

What is a  farmers’ market? 

For hundreds of years, farmers sold their food at open markets.  Before towns had grocery stores, these markets were the only way to buy food.

Now, people shop at farmers’ markets to support local farmers.  They can buy what is in season.  For example, in July, berries, radishes, and tomatoes are in season.  Because the food at farmers’ markets is in season, it is fresh.

Are farmers’ markets safe?

BC’s Provincial Health Officer,

Dr. Bonnie Henry, says farmers’markets are an essential service. They help farmers stay in business and help people buy fresh food.

Due to COVID-19, customers and farmers must practise social distancing.

But people can still contribute to their community by visiting the markets.

Usually, markets sell flowers and crafts.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the markets will be food-only.

Right now, Dr. Henry asks that people “shop, don’t stop.”

Submitted by Kimberley Alcock Photo: Pixabay/Martin Winkler