First Peoples’ map of BC

There is a new map on the internet. It is called the First Peoples’ Map of BC. It is the first of its kind in Canada.

How does the map work?

The map is interactive.  You can zoom in on a place and click to learn about local languages, arts and culture.

On the map, you can:

  • learn how to pronounce a place name
  • hear a greeting in the local language
  • find Indigenous artists in the area
  • find Indigenous heritage information and places of interest

Why is there a First Peoples’ Map of BC?

“Our hope is that this map will help non-Indigenous people to better appreciate Indigenous perspectives as one small step towards reconciliation,” said Karen Aird, acting CEO of the First Peoples’ Cultural Council (FPCC).

The FPCC works with B.C. First Nations to help revive their languages, arts and culture.

Click here to view the First Peoples’ Map of B.C.

Adapted from the First Peoples’ Cultural Council • Photo: Emmy McMillan