Food carts in B.C.


A food cart is also called a food truck.
(Image: Mark Faviell / CC, Flickr)

All over the world, local people eat food served from a cart on the street.

In North America, eating from food carts, or food trucks,
is a very popular activity.
There are even festivals that celebrate this kind of food.

The food in Canada isn’t as cheap as in many other countries.
And the food is sometimes strange. But it is often very tasty!

You can visit food cart festivals in Metro Vancouver in the summer.
There are also vendors, live music, kids activities, and more to explore.

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Details: Every Saturday until August 30
Location: Surrey Holland Park – King George Boulevard and Old Yale Road
Admission: $2.00 for general public; free for Vancity Bank members; free with a non-perishable donation to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society; free for children 13 and under.

Details: Every Sunday until August 31
Location: Vancouver Olympic Village
Admission:  Always free to Vancity and Car2go members, this year is also free with a non-perishable food donation to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society.

There are food carts in many B.C. cities and towns. Here are some suggestions:

Food carts around BC

Try one of these popular food carts.
Watch these videos about other popular food carts in Vancouver:

Mogu Japanese
Soho Road Naan Kebab

In Metro Vancouver, you can use your cellphone to find a cart near you by using this cellphone app.

Here is a list of food trucks in Kamloops.

(Source: The Province and The Vancouver Sun)