Frances likes to walk

Frances likes to go on long walks. She walks an average of 12 kilometres per day.

We asked Frances why she likes walking.

When did you take up walking? 

When I was young, I worked on a farm.  I walked between the dairy farm and the sheep farm. It was 10 kilometres a day. Sometimes, I did it twice in a day.

Why do you walk now?  

I walk to be in nature and to explore the city. I also practice yoga daily. I add meditation into my walking.

Do you wear special clothing?  

It depends on the weather and season. I always wear polarized sunglasses. I also bring a camera to take photos.

What is your favourite thing about walking? 

I like to take a dog friend with me on my walks. My friends are Stanley, Charlie and Reuben.

Submitted by Gail Hanney •  Photo: Gail Hanney