Fun things to do with your children outdoors

Children have fun learning outdoors.

Children have fun learning outdoors. Credit: Eco Life – Permaculture


It’s healthy for children to spend time outdoors. It’s good for their physical and mental health.

They get better at:

  • thinking
  • moving
  • creating

Children need help learning how to play outdoors.

What do you need to do?

  • Stay nearby and keep the children safe.
  • Let the children play on their own.
  • Play with them some of the time.
  • Be ready to answer questions.

What can I do with my children outdoors?

1. Let them explore on their own.

Let your children discover things. Let them play with what they find. Encourage them to show you and ask you questions.

2. Go to a park or be together in your backyard.

Have fun. Enjoy being together outdoors.

3. Do things outdoors yourself.

Notice objects. Pick them up and look at them. Show them to your child. Be curious.

4. Look at the sky.

Lay on a blanket with your child and look at the sky. Talk about what you see. Talk about what they see. Do this at different times of the day and night.

5. Go fishing.

Buy a fishing license. Show your child how to catch a fish.

6. Explore a pond or stream.

Bring a net, bucket, jar and a small shovel. Look for creatures in the mud and water.

7. Go for a hike.

Go for a walk in the woods with your child. Look for creatures big and small. Examine them. Try to find 10 different insects or animals or plants.

8. Go on a picnic.

Take food with you. Enjoy eating outdoors.

9. Plant something.

A child has their hand in a small plant pot.

Credit: Pixabay

Plant a seed or small plant. Show your child how to take care of it. Watch it grow. Grow a vegetable or fruit to eat. Grow flowers to enjoy how they look and smell.

10. Learn from each other.

Bring their friends along. Watch them learn together.

Story written by Patty Bossort. Photos: