Good and bad omens

Some people believe in omens. An omen is an event that predicts the future. It is a sign that something good or something bad is about to happen.

Here are some good omens:

  • A butterfly flying into your home brings good news or an important guest.
  • A bird pooping on you is good luck.
  • Itchy hands bring money.
  • A wish made when you see a shooting star will come true.

Here are some bad omens:

  • An itchy ear means people are talking about you.
  • Spilling salt brings bad luck. Throwing salt over your left shoulder keeps the bad luck away.
  • A black cat or a snake crossing your path is bad luck.

Do you believe in omens? If so, which ones?

Adapted from, Photos: Pixabay/stephanie999,
Pixabay/Free-Photos, Pixabay/René Schindler, Pixabay/Carrie Hannigan