Good job for a good dog

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun

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Millions of dogs go to work every day.
These dogs go with their owners.
Every day in the U.S.,
about 1.4 million owners take 2.3 million dogs to work.

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Good health
Some people say this is part of good health.
Many companies welcome good dogs.
They don’t want dogs with problems at work.

Good things about dogs
Some people say dogs help workers.
Dogs make people calm.
Sometimes there is stress at work.
You can pet your dog.
You can take your dog for a walk.
Friends at work will want to walk with your dog.
Or you can pet a friend’s dog.
All of these things help with work stress.

Dog-friendly companies
Google Inc. and are dog-friendly.
They welcome dogs at work.
These companies want happy workers.
They also want to keep their workers.
In Prince George, B.C., workers started
a six-week wellness program.
At lunch, they became dogwalkers for the SPCA across the street.