Haiku poems

The LINC 6 class from MOSAIC English Language Centre learned about the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. They celebrated what they learned by writing haiku poems.

A haiku is a Japanese poem. It has a special number of syllables in each line. The first and last lines have five syllables. The middle line has seven syllables.

The LINC 6 class learned about the syllable structure. Then, they wrote their own haiku poems.

Here are the poems they wrote:

There was a strong wind

Many elder trees fell down

But the Forest lived

– by Dzhulyetta


Spring is coming

The rainy season is over

Enjoy together

–  by Wendy


Life is diverse

like the cherry blossoms

that bloom in many colors.

–  by Vilawan


When Spring is coming

Cherry blossoms open in the City

The sun warms my heart

– by Queena


Flowers from the trees,

Floating in the air like clouds

Along comes the wind

–  by Germaine


Spring is back again

Cherry blossoms in full bloom

Allergies are too…

– by Manami


Cherry blossoms bring

Bittersweet spring memories

Think of friends and home

– by Katsue


 I don’t know you well

You are so mean to people

Covid go away

–  by Gai


Today is sunny day

I meet my friend

We drink coffee together

–  by Yurie


Flowers are in bud

Spring is around the corner

Harsh winter was gone.

– by Rebecca


Submitted by MOSAIC English Language Centre • Photo: Jennifer Low