How to make the perfect snowball

A friendly snowball fight is a great way to have fun with your family in the winter.

You can learn how to make the perfect snowball.

Make sure the snow is wet

Good snowballs need to be made from clean snow that is a little wet. Test the snow before making a snowball. Give it a squeeze. If a lot of water comes out, the snow is too wet. If no water comes out, the snow is too dry. If the snow sticks together, it will make a snowball.

You can make dry snow wetter by warming it up a little.  Hold the snow in your hands. The snow will warm up, even if you are wearing gloves. When some water comes out of the snow, it is ready.

Pack your snowball tightly

Snowballs need to be pressed together to keep their shape. This is because the melted snow acts like a snowball “glue.”

When you make your snowball, press down on each side. Move the snowball in your hands. This way, the heat from your hands can make more snowball “glue.”

You are ready for the “fight!”


Adapted from MentalFloss, Popular Science Photos: Flickr/Wonderlane, Flickr/John Lodder