Letter to the Editor

Please hear us! 

Dear Sir/Madam:

Re V.S.B Cancellation of Outreach Programs from
Florence Nightingale Adult Education Outreach Class

It is too easy
to cancel this class
because no one hears us.

We are students
at the Florence Nightingale

Elementary School
Adult Education
Outreach Class.

For the past 20 years,
this class has been helping
parents in East Vancouver
to learn the language skills

that are so necessary
for life in Vancouver.

We know how important
education is for people

and the whole country.
We are afraid that
in B.C. education

is no longer respected.
We are very sad and upset to learn
that the School Board is
about to cancel our class

because the B.C. government
is cutting the education budget.

This is very bad news for us
and for the whole city.
Studying basic literacy
is necessary for us

to become part of the community.
With the help of our class,
we can become active citizens
who can contribute to our city,
our country and our democracy.

Cutting our class puts a barrier
in front of us. It is very difficult
for us to make our voices heard.
It is too easy to cancel this class
because no one hears us.

Please hear us. Please help us.
Please save our class.

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