Meet a library champion

Shu Ming Chen is a Vancouver Public Library champion.

Shu Ming Chen is a Vancouver Public Library champion.

Submitted by the Vancouver Public Library

Meet Shu Ming Chen: 
Doctor, recent newcomer to Canada,
and proud library champion.

Her mission:
Support her community and
help immigrants
discover their local library and all that it offers.

Q: Why did you become a library champion?
A: When newcomers have just landed,
they feel isolated and anxious
in an unfamiliar community.
Language and culture barriers are
the two major factors
keeping those people away from the community.

When I first moved to Vancouver
from Taiwan three years ago,
I experienced the same struggle.

If someone had been there to help me,
I would have been able
to settle more easily.

That’s the reason why I’m here
as a library champion.
I can reach out to newcomers
of different cultures in a culturally sensitive way
and become a bridge
to connect them to their communities.

Q: What do you like best
about being a library champion?
A: In my previous career,
I played a role as an information provider.
I love to share information with people who need it.

As a library champion, I can share information
and my experience with newcomers
to shorten the time that they need to adapt.

Not only can I help people integrate
and connect to the community,
but also help myself build up confidence,
and most importantly,
find fulfillment doing volunteer work.
That’s a sense of belonging.
Now, I’m very pleased that I am able
to contribute to the community.

Q: What is the most important thing
someone should know about libraries?
A: The library is a place providing
a variety of resources for all different ages
of people in the community.
That is far beyond borrowing books.
You can find lots of free programs
and services established for different purposes.

Don’t be afraid to ask the librarian
if you have any questions.
They are very knowledgeable
and ready to provide information.

Browse the VPL website frequently
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