Lighthouse Park is worth a visit

Lighthouse Park

Point Atkinson lighthouse
(Photo: Bruce Irschick / CC, FLICKR)

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun
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The lighthouse
Point Atkinson lighthouse is a national historical site. It was built 130 years ago.

The lighthouse overlooks Burrard Inlet. It protected ships on the Strait of Georgia.

The federal government of Canada owns the lighthouse. They want to sell the lighthouse.

The community loves the Point Atkinson lighthouse. They want to keep it for community use.

Lighthouse Park surrounds the lighthouse. The park is one of the most beautiful parks in the Vancouver area.

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lighthouse Pt A-w

The lighthouse is a tall, red and white building.
(Photo: Ric Ernst, PNG)

Lighthouse Park
Lighthouse Park is very popular. It is natural and rugged. There are beautiful views of Burrard Inlet. The park is a wilderness park with cliffs, steep terrain and dense forest.

One of the last old growth forests in Vancouver grows around the Atkinson Lighthouse. These old trees were left standing to help sailors see the light from the lighthouse. The trees make a dark background for the light.

Some of these ancient trees are over 200 feet (61metres) tall. They are around 500 years old.

The park has a network of hiking trails. People can get good views of the lighthouse by hiking the Valley Trail through Lighthouse Park. You cannot get into the lighthouse.

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Point Atkinson Lighthouse sits on a rock.
(Photo: Larry Myhre / CC, FLICKR)

The park is worth a visit.
Take your family for a walk and a picnic on a dry, sunny day. The best views come with the blue skies.

Visitors should wear good walking shoes. Some of the trails are rough. They can be slippery. The park gets more than 50 inches (1,300 mm) of rain each year.