Lize wins an award

Norma Lize is a refugee from Lebanon. In February, she was recognized as a leader in Vancouver’s LGBT community. She won the January Marie Lapuz Youth Leadership Award.

Something was missing

Lize grew up feeling that something was missing from her gender identity. At 18, she met a transgender woman. It made her think that she might be transgender, too. She started to work with LGBT organizations in Lebanon.

She was afraid. She could not live as a woman in her home country. It is illegal to be trans in Lebanon. Transgender people are often rejected by their communities.

In 2018, Lize came to Canada. She feels safe in Vancouver.

Lize works with other LGBT refugees

Now, Lize helps other transgender refugees. She connects people to the organizations they need to stay safe, happy and healthy in the city.

“I’m here to learn,” Lize says. She hopes to share what she has learned with others in Lebanon.

Adapted from CBC News • Photo: DIVERSEcity