New language added to B.C. Newcomers’ Guide

A Ukrainian flag flying above a Canadian flag. Caption reads Ukrainian is now added to B.C. Newcomers’ Guide.

B.C. is welcoming people from Ukraine to communities across the province.

The B.C. Newcomers’ Guide is now available in Ukrainian.

The guide has information to help newcomers settle in B.C.

They can learn about how to:

  • find a place to live
  • drive in B.C.
  • find a doctor and other medical services
  • get a B.C. Services card
  • register their child in school
  • start working in B.C.
  • open a bank account
  • get help for those needing extra support

The guide is available in 13 languages. You can download a PDF copy or ask for free printed copies on

You can also find more information in your language on the website.

Adapted from WelcomeBC • Photo: Unsplash/Kedar Gadge