Nunavut’s new greenhouse

Nunavut is a large territory in northern Canada. It is very cold and dark. The weather makes it hard for fruit and vegetables to grow. So, groceries are expensive.

A greenhouse was built

The Arctic Research Foundation wanted to help people in Nunavut. It made a greenhouse near Gjoa Haven from shipping containers called “sea cans.” The greenhouse has solar panels, windmills and a generator to make electricity.

So far, the greenhouse has grown lettuce and tomatoes. The people of Gjoa Haven want to grow berries and special plants to make medicine and tea.

The community is surprised

“I thought it would never work up here,” said elder Peter Akkikungnaq.  “Now I know anything is possible if you have the right idea.”

One of the greenhouse workers, Betty Kogvik, says the food “was so fresh, not like what we get in the store … one elderly lady even danced with joy when she got her lettuce.”

 Adapted from CBC News • Photos: The Arctic Research Foundation