October is Foster Family Month


Chris Tait lived in 30 different foster homes. Photo: Jenelle Schneider / The Vancouver Sun

Adapted from The Province by Nila Gopaul

October is Foster Family Month in B.C.
Foster care is a way to give a family life
to children and teens
who cannot live with their own 

There are about 3,200 foster parents in B.C.
They care for 5,900 children and teens in B.C.
Many of these parents are reaching retirement age.
So B.C. needs more foster parents, says Stephanie Cadieux,
the Minister of Children and Family Development.

Becoming a foster parent
Foster parents can come from any cultural, social and ethnic background.
If you are 19 years or older, you can apply to become a foster parent.
The ministry will check your background and
check your references. It will also do a criminal record check.
The process takes about three months.

Read the story about Chris Tait. He is a success story.

For information on becoming a foster parent, call the Foster Line toll-free at 1-800-663-9999.