One-way trip to Mars


A manned mission to Mars.
Illustration – NASA

One-way trip to Mars
Adapted from The Vancouver and The Province
by Nila Gopaul
Level 3

Twenty-four people will take
a one-way trip to Mars.
Starting in 2024, a group of four
will go to the red planet
every two years.
The flight will take about seven months.

The $6-billion Mars One project
plans to put humans on Mars.
There, people will live, do research,
and grow food.

Over 200,000 people
from 100 countries
applied for the mission.
About 8,200 Canadians applied.

Short list
In February 2015, Mars One chose
100 semi-finalists, 50 men and 50 women.

Seven Canadians are on the list.
Two Canadians are from B.C.
Susan Weinreich, 42,
is a Scout leader from Vancouver.
Joanna Hindle, also 42, is a schoolteacher from Whistler.
Both women say they are ready for this adventure.


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