The outdoor car show season is here


Admire the cars on a sunny summer day.
(Photo: DRACO2008 L / CC, Flickr)

Adapted from The Province
Level 1

Owning an old car can be fun!

Old cars are called classic cars.

The car show season begins the first weekend in May.

There are car shows almost every weekend until September.

Show and Shine is a common name for classic car shows.

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People dress up for the parades.
(Photo: Scott Calleja / CC, Flickr)

Lots of cars are on show.
Owners polish their cars and trucks.

They bring them out to shows.

They drive around North America to show their cars.

Crowds come to look.
Car shows are events for the whole family.

There is usually a parade.

Bring a picnic or buy food there.

People come to talk about cars.