Pat builds a boat

Pat Calihou is a Métis carver. The Métis are Indigenous Canadians.

York boats were used by Métis fur traders during the 1700s. Pat’s ancestors used York boats.

Pat started to build a York boat in December 2019. A blacksmith made special nails to build the boat. The wood for the keel is the roof beam of an old house.

The wood for the keel is from an old house.

Pat shares his history

The boat will help Pat share his family history. “My family were becoming the forgotten ones,” he said. “So, this was my way to ensure that we’re not going to be forgotten.”

The boat will not go in the water. It will stay at the Fort Langley National Historic Site so people can learn about Métis history.

Pat is making a York boat, like his ancestors.

Adapted from CBC News • Photos: Parks Canada/N.Hildebrand