Peace by Chocolate

Peace by Chocolate is a chocolate company. It is owned by the Hadhad family.

The Hadhad family had a chocolate factory in Syria. A bomb destroyed the factory.

The family left Syria. They lived in a refugee camp in Lebanon for three years.

A new life in Canada

In 2016, the Hadhad family moved to Antigonish, Nova Scotia. They rebuilt their chocolate company there.

The Peace chocolate bar

The Hadhads named their first chocolate bar Wantaqo’ti (wan·tahk·oo·di). Wantaqo’ti means peace.

Wantaqo’ti is a word in the Mi’kmaq (Meeg-em-ach) language. Mi’kmaq is the Indigenous language in Nova Scotia.

Peace in more languages

The Peace chocolate bar is also available in French, Arabic, Punjabi and many more languages.

Founder Tareq Hadhad said, “Peace is beautiful in every language.”




Originally posted in September 2018, updated by Jade Chan in 2023.

Adapted from Global News and • Photo: Tareq Hadhad