Marwa and Wissam, a love story

A happy reunion  (Photo: Marwa O'da / Personal archives)

A happy reunion
(Photo: Marwa O’da / Personal archives)

2014 Write a Story contest winners

Story by Marwa O’da
Burnaby, BC

This story is by one of our four winners.
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Precious moments
Seven years ago, I remember meeting Wissam in Syria.
It was love at first sight.
However, we could not get married
because we were refugees in Syria.
We did not feel safe, and there was no stability.

In 2011, Wissam’s family was sponsored
by the Macdonald family,
so Wissam immigrated to Canada.

When Wissam came here, he told his sponsors
that he had a fiancé in Syria, and he asked them
to help him bring me to Canada.
After a long process with the help of their church,
I came to Vancouver in September 2013.

When I arrived at the Vancouver International Airport,
Wissam was waiting for me.
I could not believe my eyes.
We were separated for two years.
I was very happy.
Now Wissam and I are married.
I am studying English at VCC.
I feel safe in this country.