Regrow vegetables from scraps

When summer ends you can still grow food. Many vegetables can easily be regrown indoors.

Common regrown vegetables are green onions, celery and greens like bok choy.

The easiest vegetables to regrow are green onions.

Here is what you do:
1. Buy some green onions with roots.
2. Cut off the green tops of the onions.
3. Put the roots in a glass or jar of water.
4. Put the roots on your windowsill.
5. Change the water every few days.

Each time you need some green onion, cut from the top, but leave the roots.

Celery is also easy to grow:
1. Cut off the top of celery. Leave at least two inches.
2. Put the root in a bowl of water. At least half the root should be in the water.
3. Put the bowl in a sunny place.
4. Change the water every few days.

The celery will take about a week to grow leaves. You can eat the leaves and the celery stalks.

Submitted by Kimberley Alcock • Photos: Flickr/Embark Sustainability, iStock, Unsplash/David Todd McCarty