Sharing good news makes you more happy

Adapted from The Vancouver SunLevel 1

Do you have good news?
Do you share it with others?
Tell someone good news twice a week.
And you will feel more happy with your life.

Choose someone carefully
Remember something.
Be careful who you choose.
The person must be happy to hear your news.

Money news
Some people do not like good news.
Do not tell your news to them.
And do not tell good news about money.
Canadians do not talk much about money.
They think you are bragging.

Good for the speaker
Scientists say telling someone is the best way.
You can write your news.
You can write it in a book.
Or you can write it in an email.
Then send the news to a friend.
But saying it makes you more happy.
Tell someone who will be happy for you.

Good for the listener
The scientists hope the study will show two things.
It will make people want to share good news.
It will make others be happy with the success of friends.