Single-use item bylaw

A new Vancouver bylaw will start in April. This bylaw will ban food vendors from giving customers disposable straws, forks, knives, chopsticks and spoons. People with disabilities can still get a straw if they need one.

No more foam

In January, Vancouver banned foam cups and foam take-out containers.

Soon, the city hopes to stop businesses from giving away shopping bags, drink cups, and other take-out containers. Customers will have to pay an extra fee to use them.

Other BC cities

Many other cities in BC are worried about the environment. They want bylaws for single-use items too.

In 2018, Victoria tried to ban plastic bags. The Canadian Plastic Bag Association sued them. Now, the city is trying to ban them again.

Richmond and Surrey want to ban plastic bags and straws by 2021.

Adapted from City of Vancouver • Pixabay/Jasmin Sessler