Solly’s cinnamon buns go around the world

Adapted from WEVancouver by Nancy Carson
Level 2

Leah Markovitch owns Solly’s in Vancouver.
Solly’s is a bakery and deli.
The bakery makes Jewish baking.
They serve soup and sandwiches, too.
You can sit down. You can have a snack.
Or you can eat a nice lunch.

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History of Solly’s
Leah opened Solly’s 18 years ago.
She has three stores in the city.
People love the bagels at Solly’s.
Bagels look like donuts. But they taste like bread.
Solly’s bagels are made the old way.
First they boil the bagels in water.
Then they bake the bagels in an oven.

Cinnamon buns
Solly’s cinnamon buns are popular, too.
Leah remembers cinnamon buns when she was a student.
It is years ago. She is at university in Alberta.
She is with friends. They buy one big cinnamon bun.
They share it.
Each friend pulls off a little piece.
Little by little, they eat it. It is sticky.
They lick their fingers. It is so delicious.

Solly’s customers
Leah wants other people to like cinnamon buns.
Buy a bun. Pull off a piece. Eat it slowly.
Enjoy the taste. Then pull off another piece.
Take your time.
Hot buns are the best.
And it’s more fun with friends.

Popular buns
Solly’s now sends their buns all over North America.
Leah has friends in Japan.
She takes her buns as gifts.
Yes, the buns taste good after a long trip.


Solly’s “Eggel”, another favourite with customers
Photo courtesy of Solly’s, Vancouver