Stand-up bike puts runners on wheels


Adapted from The Vancouver Sun

Level 2

It has no seat.
So, you cannot sit down.
You must stand up to ride it.
It has no pedals.
So, you have to push or pump the foot platforms up and down.
Then the bike moves.
People look at Christy Lynn on the bike.
They are surprised.
Some say she seems to be running.
Lynn says drivers in cars can see you easily.
And you can see them better, too.

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A special bike
This stand-up bike was made for people with “bad” knees.
Bryan Pate cannot run anymore.
He hurt his knees.
But he wants to exercise.
Seven years ago, Bryan and a friend worked on the project.
They made the stand-up bike (or ElliptiGo) in California.
Now there are a few in B.C.

All about the bike
The popular 8-speed model costs $2,600.
For $1,800 you can get a 3-speed.
The ElliptiGo weighs 18 kg.
It can go 48 km/h on flat roads.
The brakes and gears are on the handles.

No high heels, no bags
Lynn says you could ride it to work.
High heels are not a good idea, she thinks.
But, you could wear a skirt.
The bike cannot carry a lot of bags like road bikes.

Want to take one for a test ride?