Study tips

Here are some ideas to help you study:

Stay organized

It can be hard to know where to begin. You may have many things to study at once.

  • Make a list to help you stay organized.
  • Write down what you need to study.
  • Add important dates to your calendar.

Break it up

Learning information in small pieces can help you remember it better. Try to study a little bit each day.

Check your understanding

Explain what you are studying to a friend or family member. Study more if there is something you cannot remember or cannot explain clearly. Keep studying until you can teach someone else what you learned.

Ask for help

Remember that you can always ask for help. There might be resources you can study from.

Do you attend classes? Check to see if your school has study groups or a help centre. Check your local library or community literacy organization. There may be volunteers who can help you learn.


Adapted from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Learning Centre

Photo: Pixabay/klimkin