Summer stories: My favourite memory


Duck family at Haynes Point, Osoyoos
(Image: Theryn Fleming/ CC, Flickr)

2014 Write a Story contest honourable mention

Story by Harlei Kelliher
Osoyoos, BC

This story is by one of our honourable mentions.

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My favourite childhood memory is camping
at Haynes Point in Osoyoos with my family.
We would go on long morning walks
and see swimming ducks, drifting canoes
and other busy campers also enjoying the wonderful sights.

I loved to jump into the blue sparkling lake
and the water was always very cold.
I would come out shivering shaking
and my lips would be blue.
I still thought it was fun, despite the freezing cold water!
At night dad, mom, Aaron and I would make a big, bright campfire.
We would tell funny jokes and loudly laugh
as we roasted gooey, sticky marshmallows.

This is one of my favourite memories
that will remain with me forever.
I will always love spending time with my beautiful family.