Summer stories: My first car

An old Ford Falcon
(Photo: edwardconde / CC BY 2.0)

2014 Write a Story contest honourable mention

Story by Nageb Sulaiman
Surrey, BC

This story is by one of our honourable mentions.

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When I was a young boy of 11 years,
my father came in my bedroom.

I was going to sleep.

My father whispered in my ear
saying that tomorrow we will buy a car.

“What?” I said. “What did you say, Dad?
You will be buying a car? What kind of car? What colour?”

He smiled and said, “Ford Falcon, 1967,
the same as your age. It is white.
Now go to sleep and you will see it tomorrow.”

He kissed me and turned the light off.
I was filled with joy. I couldn’t sleep that night.
The next day, I waited impatiently for my father
in front of our house.

I didn’t believe my eyes
when my father arrived driving the car.
He took me in the car
and I looked out at the people through the window.
I was overwhelmed.
I felt a bit of drowsiness
so I leaned my head in the back of the seat
and I fell asleep.

Now, after 25 years, when I drive my car
I sometimes imagine my father.
It reminds me of my first day
in the car with my father.