Summer stories: The nature of wilderness


Rick and his tutor Brenda read a book.
Photo courtesy Prince George Native Friendship Centre

2014 Write a Story contest honourable mention

Story by Rick Edmonds
Prince George, BC

This story is by one of our honourable mentions.

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When I was walking in the wilderness,
I heard a grey wolf howl in the night.
I saw a moose by the river, drinking water.

I saw tall trees in the forest.
There were 2 owls there–a mother and a father owl on a tree branch.
I could see them clearly. They had black and grey feathers.

I spotted the owls’ nest higher in the tree–there were 3 baby owls in the nest.
The mother owl is calling to the father because the babies are hungry.
He has no mice because he couldn’t find any.

There are not as many mice to find because the wilderness is getting smaller.
A bulldozer has plowed a lot of the wilderness and chased them away.
Because there aren’t as many mice, the hawks that live in the area
might attack the baby owls.

Hawks and owls need mice to live on,
but if the wilderness keeps getting smaller,
they might need to go somewhere farther away,
and we might never see them again.