Summer stories: Arriving in Vancouver


An arrival or a departure
(Photo: mi..chael / CC, Flickr)

2014 Write a Story contest honourable mention

Story by Sonia Wang
Vancouver, BC

This story is by one of our honourable mentions.

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I arrived from China in 2004.
Outside I saw rain, green trees and grass.
I felt surprised because it was winter in North China and not green.

My family picked me up.
“Let’s go home,” my granddaughter said.
On the way she saw an airplane fly over Granville Bridge
and said, “My Grandmother was in that airplane.”
We all laughed.

I had arrived in Vancouver but was unhappy.
My daughter and son-in-law went to work every day.
My granddaughter went to school.
I stayed home lonely.
My friends and neighbours were in China.
I missed them and told my daughter I’m sad.

Then my daughter brought me to the community centre and the church.
I made a lot of friends.

Now I’m so lucky to go to the Carnegie Learning Centre
to learn English with my teachers and classmates.
All are my good friends. I’m happy again.