Taijiquan – a martial art


People are practising taijiquan at the 6th Annual Vancouver Water Splashing Festival (2014).
Photo submitted by Bob Luo

Story by Bob Luo

Taijiquan is a Chinese martial art (Wushu).
The movements are gentle and slow.
Each posture flows into the next without pause.
Taiji has many movements.
It has a 24,42,48,88, and other routines.

Taiji is a good exercise.
It has many health benefits.
For example, taiji helps fight stress.
Taiji also increases energy.
People who practise taiji
can improve their flexibility and balance, too. 

Taiji has a long history in China.
It is part of China’s traditional culture.
You can see many Chinese people

practising taiji in many parks in Vancouver.

A group of tai chi practitioners Photo submitted by Bob Luo

A group of taijiquan practitioners
Photo submitted by Bob Luo