The shop that cuts for charity

The shop that cuts for charity
Adapted from The Vancouver Sun by Nancy Carson
Level 2

Iveta, 47, and Anna, 37, live in Vancouver.
And they cut hair. They cut men’s hair.
“No women, no children. Just men,” Anna said.

A shop for men
The shop has two TVs. The TVs show sports.
The walls have photos of hockey players.

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Newcomers to Canada
The two women come from the same country.
They come from the former Czechoslovakia.
Iveta came to Canada 23 years ago.
Anna came six years ago.

A hard Life
Both women took any jobs at first.
Anna painted. Iveta washed dishes.
Iveta said, “It was better than being on the street.”
In 2002, they met at a restaurant.
Iveta just bought a barber shop.
After a few years, Anna came to work in the barber shop.
They are now good friends. And they have a good business.

A 40th birthday
In 2005, Iveta had a birthday. She was 40 years old.
She wanted to celebrate. Her customers helped.
“I can ask them to give money for charity.”

Customers give
The first year customers gave money
to the Children’s Hospital.
This year they gave over $38,000
to two charities.

Thanks to the customers
Iveta says the customers should get thanks.
“They make us happy and we make them happy.”
“The life,” she says, “it’s beautiful.”