Valentine’s Day

children ghana

Children in Ghana share Valentine’s Day.
(Photo: feedmystarvingchildren / CC, Flickr)

Adapted from Best of the Reader
Level 1

Valentine’s Day is on February 14.

It is a romantic day for many adults.

They buy cards, chocolates or flowers for each other.

They say, “I love you.”

Swans are a symbol of romance. PHOTO: SERGIU BACIOIU / CC, FLICKR

Swans are a symbol of romance.
(Photo: Sergiu Bacioiu / CC, Flickr)

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How do children celebrate?
Children like Valentine’s Day.

Young children give each other Valentines.

They often make cards at school.

They have parties at school.

children make cards-w

Children make Valentine cards at school.
(Photo: SanJoseLibrary / CC, Flickr)

How to say, “I love you”
French:  Je t’aime

Spanish:  Te amo
Cree:  Kisakihitin
Cantonese:  Ngo oi ney
Russian:  Ya tyebya lyublyu