A different kind of library


Photo by Dan Toulgoet, The Vancouver Courier
Volunteer Ryan Mason, behind the counter, helps out a member at the Vancouver Tool Library

Adapted from The Vancouver Courier
and The Vancouver Tool Library website by Nancy Carson
Level 2

Many people go to a library. They borrow books.
They read newspapers. They use the computers there.
The new library in Surrey is different.
You can borrow people at the Surrey library.
They are called “living books”. You can listen to their stories.

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Another new library
In Vancouver there is now a tool library.
This library has 900 tools to borrow.
Big tools are the most popular.
And most of these tools are donated.
There are tools for home repair and for gardening.
There are tools to fix a bicycle.
These jobs are called DIY projects. Do It Yourself.

How the tool library works
The tool library has 450 members now.
A person pays a fee to join the library.
Then that member can borrow tools at no cost.
A member can keep a tool for five days.
Every month about 80 to 100 members use the library’s tools.

The Vancouver Tool Library gives workshops, too.
People learned how to make boxes for flowers this year.
The staff are giving more workshops this fall.

Ella tries DIY
Ella is a member. She built shelves for a friend’s house.
Ella said she used a belt sander, a skill saw, and an impact driver.
She had not used any of those tools before.
“Impact drivers totally rock. You should get one,” she said proudly.

The future of the tool library
Members hope the library will make a place for members to work.
There is not enough room right now.
Maybe in the future.

The most popular tool
What do you think are the most popular tools at the tool library?
This is one of them. It is called a power washer or pressure washer.