What is paddle boarding?

A man standing on a paddleboard. Caption reads he is paddleboarding.

Paddle boarding is a popular water sport.

You stand up on a board that is like a surfboard. The shape of the board helps you to keep your balance. You use a paddle to steer and move through the water.

Paddle boarding is a good workout. It helps build muscles in your arms, shoulders, stomach and legs.

Safety tips for paddle boarding:

  • Wear a life jacket.
  • Tie your ankle to the board with a leash.
  • Is it sunny? Wear a hat, sunscreen, or long-sleeved shirt.
  • Is it cold? Wear a wetsuit or a dry suit.

How to paddle board:

  1. Put the board in shallow water.
  2. Place the paddle across your board. Then, kneel on the board.
  3. Move one foot at a time. Place your foot where your knee was resting.
  4. Keep your heels flat. Slowly stand up.
  5. Keep your feet apart and parallel. Bend your knees. Look straight ahead.
  6. Put one hand on top of the paddle. Keep the other hand on the shaft.
  7. Switch hands as you paddle from one side to another.

Have fun!

Some people paddle slowly, to relax.

Some people paddle fast, to get exercise.

Adapted from Paddle Camp, submitted by Michelle Lavallee • Photo: Pexels/ZinaW Photography