Olesia dances in her wheelchair

Wheelchair dancing Photo: Mark Van Mane / PNG

Wheelchair dancing
Photo: Mark Van Mane / PNG

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun

Level 1

Olesia has cerebral palsy. She is 35 years old.

Olesia has difficulty speaking. People thought she was not very capable.

They were wrong.

Olesia dances in her wheelchair.

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A dancer invented a new wheelchair just for dancing.

There are wheelchair dance competitions. Click here to watch.

A perfect wedding dance in a wheelchair.

She started dancing in 2000. She has won six awards.

Andy Wong is her teacher. He has a studio in Richmond.

Olesia is also a journalist, a rock climber and a poet. Her book of poetry is called Dancing with the Stars.

Olesia’s wheelchair is 13 years old. It’s broken. She needs a new one.

“A good wheelchair for me is as important as good shoes for A sportsman,” says Olesia.

Olesia wants to buy a new wheelchair. She needs donations to help her.