Wreck Beach

Wreck Beach was named for shipwrecks in the water.

What is Wreck Beach?

Wreck Beach is the largest nude beach in Canada.

It is 7.8 km long.

People started swimming naked at Wreck Beach in the 1920s.

Wreck Beach became an official nude beach in 1991. It was the first nude beach in Canada.

How can I get to Wreck Beach?

It is west of the UBC campus in Vancouver.

Walk west from the UBC bus loop to get there.

It is past Marine Drive. Take Trail 6 to the water.

What can I do at Wreck Beach?

People sell street food and drinks there.

Sometimes, there are family events.

People clean up the beach. People see art shows. People create sandcastles with their children.

Wreck Beach has running events, too. People from all around Vancouver come to run on the beach.

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Submitted by Sarah Sutherland, Judy Williams Photo: Wikimedia Commons