Young girl fights bullying


Alvena Little-Wolf Ear and her mother at rally in Nanaimo
Photo: Robert Barron / Nanaimo Daily News

Adapted from The Province and the Nanaimo Daily News

Reposted February 24, 2016. This year Pink Shirt Day is February 24.

Level 2

Alvena Little-Wolf Ear is 9 years old. She is in grade 4.

Alvena was unhappy. Children at school made fun of her. They would not play with her.

Annette Little is Alvena’s mother. Annette saw that Alvena was unhappy.

“She kept a lot of it in. No one really knew,” said Little.

Teachers, school staff and other students helped Alvena and her mother.

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  • Learn more about how to stop bullying.
  • Four Surrey schools make an anti-bullying statement in a flashmob. Six hundred students participated.
  • Find out more about Pink Shirt Day, February 26.

Watch the videos

Anti-bullying flash mob supports Pink Shirt Day

”Bullying stops here”
Photo: BC Government photos

Healthy Active Natives
Annette and Alvena posted her story on Facebook.

They posted it to a page called Healthy Active Natives. They got thousands of responses.

They started a group called Team Alvena. They have 1500 members. They are learning about food and exercise.

Alvena is proud of her Ahousaht heritage.


ERASE bullying T-shirt
Photo: BC Government photos

Pink Shirt Day, February 26
Do you want to stop bullying?

Let everyone know. Wear pink on February 26.