ELSA students helping the homeless


Gloria Lowe and her Level 3 class.
Photo by Pinky Dang

In our ELSA level 3 class, we learned about the problem
of homelessness.
For a 2nd year, we are collecting clothing donations
(socks, toques, and gloves) for the homeless.
We will distribute the clothes at a shelter for the homeless
in downtown Vancouver near Christmas time.
The clothing drive helps us know more about Vancouver.
It is our way to help the community and it is important
to remember the less fortunate at this time of year.
Last year we donated two large bags of clothes to the shelter.

Four students tell their stories.

This year ELSA level 4 class also helped.
It assembled hygiene kits to help the clothing drive.
The hygiene kits have toothbrushes, toothpaste, face cloths,
shampoo, Band Aids, combs, etc.


Lyn Mogren and her Level 4 class.
Photo by Pinky Dang

How to donate
We received many donations, and we invite anyone to drop off
a donation at our S.U.C.C.E.S.S. office at 8268 Granville Street.
Written by Pinky Dang, Program Manager

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  1. Wow! What a good title that students wrote about.It is also an interesting group activity .I wish all people have time to think about homeless’s.

    • Well said, Azin! No better time than the holidays to be grateful for what we have and think of others who have less.

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