Ducklings need help


The duckling is safe now.
(Photo: Bev Goodman / CC, Flickr)

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Level 2

Sometimes baby ducks are orphans.

An orphan is a child without a parent.

A baby duck is called a duckling.

People find the orphaned ducklings.

They take the ducklings to the Wildlife Rescue Association.

The Association takes care of them.

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These six ducklings were rescued from the storm drain.
(Photo: RONNIE44052/ CC, Flickr)

The rescued ducklings spend time outside.
The ducklings spend the day outside.

The ducklings are not safe.

They need protection.

Duckling-sitters protect the ducklings.

They are volunteers.

The Wildlife Rescue Association needs help.
The Wildlife Rescue Association needs more duckling-sitters.

Duckling-sitters watch the ducklings carefully for two hours.

Duckling-sitters are needed from May until August.