A bouquet you can eat

Adapted from WE Vancouver by Nancy Carson
Level 2

We often visit friends or family for a meal.
Sometimes we take flowers as a gift for the host.
Flowers are nice but they last about a week.
Sometimes we take chocolates.
However, some people do not want to eat candy.
They don’t want their children to have candy, either.
These gifts can be expensive, as well.

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A gift you can eat
There is a gift which is a healthy choice.
You can give it to a woman, or a man.
You can take it to a family dinner.
You can take it to a potluck.
You can buy this gift.
Or you can make it yourself.

Edible bouquets
Make your own gift.  It’s easy to do.
This is called Do It Yourself or DIY.
You can save half the cost.
A fruit bouquet is edible.  This means you can eat it.
And it’s healthy.  You choose different fruits.
The fruits are colourful.  What is the best part?
The bouquet looks beautiful.

Fruit salad on a stick
Many people today think about healthy meals.
They don’t want to gain weight.
Some walk or run for their health.
Other people go to a gym.
Some ride bicycles.
Some never eat dessert.
After a meal, they don’t want pie,
cake or cookies.  Fruit is a healthy choice.
You can eat a little or a lot.

Popular gift
One woman does not use a basket for fruit sticks.
She pushes the sticks into a pineapple.
Or she uses a melon.
She said, “I’ve also made bouquets
from luncheon meat and olives, pickles, etc.
Also a seafood one.  They are lots of fun.”


Almost finished bouquet.
Photo by Nancy Carson

Photos by Nancy Carson