B.C. food from the sea

B.C. farms and sells many types of food from the sea.
Have you tried any of this food?

Geoduck clams
The geoduck clam is the world’s largest burrowing clam. It can weigh over two pounds.
Geoduck clams are salty and sweet. They are expensive. They can cost as much as $30 per pound!

Sea cucumber

Many different species of sea cucumber live in B.C. Only the giant

red sea cucumber is harvested for

Sea cucumber is used for medicine in some cultures. It tastes bland. It is very tender.

There are more than 630 types of seaweed grown in B.C. Seaweed is good for people. It has many vitamins and nutrients.
You can eat seaweed fresh. Or you can dry it. It tastes savory and salty.

Adapted from BC Local News • Photos: Wikimedia Commons, Flickr/Ed Bierman, Flickr/Paul Tomlin