Literacy Month contest

September is Literacy Month. You and your class can enter a contest.

Here is what to do:

Tell us why literacy matters to you. Use one of the examples below or use your own idea.

Literacy matters to me because it:

  • helps me at school
  • keeps me safe at work
  • lets me enjoy reading
  • helps me manage money
  • helps me stay safe online

Get creative! Write a tweet, a Facebook post, a letter, a story or a poem. Submit a photo, a sketch or a video. Send any format you choose!

Submit your entry:

  1. Send to or post to  or Twitter @decodaliteracy. 
  2. Use hashtags #LiteracyMatters and #PutOnYourPurple.

You could win:   

  • $100 Amazon gift certificate   
  • CBC Vancouver prize package   

Your class could win:   

  • $250 Amazon gift certificate   

Contest deadline is September 30, 2020


Source: Decoda Literacy Solutions
Photo: Decoda Literacy Solutions