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“Deck the Halls”

Have you heard this Christmas song before? The song is called “Deck the Halls.” It is more than 300 years old. People sing this song to wish their friends and family a happy holiday season. Where does “Deck the Halls” come from? “Deck the Halls” is based on a Welsh song called “Nos Galan.” “Nos…

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Literacy Month calendar

Are you looking for ways to celebrate Literacy Month? Use some of the ideas from our Literacy Month calendar. You can post what you are doing to social media. Use the hashtags #LiteracyMatters and #PutOnYourPurple.  

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Literacy Month contest

September is Literacy Month. You and your class can enter a contest. Here is what to do: Tell us why literacy matters to you. Use one of the examples below or use your own idea. Literacy matters to me because it: helps me at school keeps me safe at work lets me enjoy reading helps me manage…

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Scam messages

Have you ever received an email saying you won some money? If so, you might have received a scam message. What is a scam message? In a scam message, someone asks you for personal information, like your name, credit card number, passwords, or address. They use that information to take money from your bank accounts…

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